Smith Aquatic Safety Service is located in Charlevoix and Ann Arbor, MI. However, our trial assistance is available nationally and internationally.

Dr. Smith has professionally and recreationally sailed the Atlantic, Pacific and Great Lakes. He has also lectured and testified throughout the United States and Canada. Generated from this experiental basis, the focus of SASS has been to update public and professional knowledge concerning the causes and prevention of water and boating accidents. Dr. Smith developed and initiated a number of training ploys and informational aspects of water safety which have deeply impacted recent, major reductions in North American drowning rates.

These reductions have been based on realization that serious water accidents repeatedly stem from three prime sources: inability to swim; interaction with (relatively) cold water; and, unwise use of alcohol/drugs. Moreover, most drownings, cervical spine injuries, personal water craft accidents, and other mishaps closely follow a similar scenario or behavioral syndrome. Once these forms of repeated behavior are identified, the actual mechanisms involved in aquatic accidents are relatively easily explained to investigators and juries.