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In my files I have hundreds of reports dealing with a complete range of aquatic litigation. The only aspect not touched upon is SCUBA. These reports include but are not limited to swimming/drowning, diving/cervical spine injuries, boating accident reconstruction/ collisions/prop strikes, personal watercraft accidents, waterskiing/tubing, immersion/terrestrial hypothermia, life guarding/rescue procedures, home/public pool safety standards-supervision, signs/warnings, rules of the road, federal/state boating regulations, Jones Act, commercial vessel/passenger ferry/tow boat accidents including merchant vessel/recreational boat collisions, low head dam incidents, slips/falls on vessels, canoeing/white water rafting, bow riding injuries, alcohol-aquatics, beach/lake/surf deaths and injuries, home/motel spa safety and other aquatically related categories.

If you would like to discuss any of these aquatic litigation areas please contact SASS through phone or e-mail.

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