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Cruise Ship Passenger Drowning Case

I. Facts:  1. In December , Mrs. Ls (age 55), accompanied by daughters He (age 28), Fh (age 34), Es and other family members departed Miami on the  Cruise Ship Vr for a cruise which included the Cayman Islands. 2. After departing port the ship’s staff hosted an excursion scheduling and safety presentation. Passe...

Commercial tow boat drowning

I. Facts: 1. Per the Coast Guard Investigation report which involved the area of the River between mile markers 963.2-968: “On 21 June, , while the M/V Ri was moored aft to the CGB  18 fleet, two crewmen ( mate As and deck hand Jd) were washing down the decks when Jd fell into the water. The other crewman, As, attempt...

Requests for case reviews

Hello- Welcome to the SASS Site! In my files I have hundreds of reports dealing with a complete range of aquatic litigation. The only aspect not touched upon is SCUBA. These reports include but are not limited to swimming/drowning, diving/cervical spine injuries, boating accident reconstruction/ collisions/prop strike...