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Immersion hypothermia case

This report was requested  regarding the death of Mr. Br following a helicopter crash in the Gulf of Mexico in 12/04. In particular I was asked to comment on pain and suffering that Mr. Br experienced during the time he was adrift in a life jacket prior to being pulled into a rescue boat. 1. These facts are available c...

20 Water Safety Questions

                     What's Your H2O (Safety) IQ? By David S. Smith, Ph.D Commander, USCG (RET) The following 20 questions were the basis of a key address to the First International Boating and Water Safety Summit, April 18-25, 1997 in San Diego, California. The Summit was spons...

Requests for case reviews

Hello- Welcome to the SASS Site! In my files I have hundreds of reports dealing with a complete range of aquatic litigation. The only aspect not touched upon is SCUBA. These reports include but are not limited to swimming/drowning, diving/cervical spine injuries, boating accident reconstruction/ collisions/prop strike...